How to build some sunshine.

More and more people get depressed these days. Hard work, the whole day, no rest, stress with the family, but all of that is not really the main reason.

The main reason is the missing sunlight.

In this blog post I would like to show you how easy it is to build your own sun for dark days.

First I will explain how it works: Just do whatever is written, starting at the smallest number. You are allowed circle back and exit at any time.

1) Choose 1a) or 1b)

1a) Eat some yoghurt, save the cup.
1b) Find a yoghurt cup in the trash.

2) Lick with the finger or wash the yoghurt cup.

3) Dry the yoghurt cup by licking or use a towel.100_2352

4) Cut the side wall into many stripes. approx. 1cm width.


5) Do not hurt yourself.  If already hurted, use a band-aid. If already hurted badly call ambulance: Type 112 and call. Do not tell them about this post.

6) Bend the stripes towards the tabletop.


7) Cut the stripe tail like it’s shown.

8) Paint a Face in the middle.


9) Put the sun somewhere you can see it all day.

10) Done.

This sun is not burning => This sun do not emit sunlight.

11)Please don’t follow following advise!

12)If you want to light up this sun, please go outside and use unleaded gasoline (healthier for the envirionment), do not hurt yourself by keeping enough distance.

It still won’t emit sunlight, but it might be fun, to a special kind of people.

13) More done.

14) Please also keep enough distance to other buildings. If a building is already burning, please call the fire brigade. Do not say your name.

15) Run.

16) Run faster

15) If Police catches you while running: Tell them your name. MUST not tell them about this post!

16) Completely done.

Have fun and enjoy.

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