Let’s Tetris some people

After my first visit at the immigration office in Seoul, which did not went like expected, I took the change to do some sight seeing around the area.


I walked around for a while and did some professional research directy between some of the Skyscrapers. It wasn’t sure at all but it seemed that I have found a typical korean residential neighborhood.


The Scrapers are not too close to each other and the ground plates are arranged in different angles. Inbetween there are a lot of parks and some nice old ladies are sitting around there with their playing grandchildren 😀


There is also some sculpture art is placed close to the buildings and nicely looking gardens are arranged inbetween.

000_0011    000_0010

000_0013   000_0008


Hipsters welcome! Your bikes are already waiting for you.


After accidently finding a sidearm of the Hang River it already got late …


… and it was time for a break.


Delicious sausage on a stick prepared delightful on a barbeque grill inside this chinese copied VW-van, served with love and without bread, as usal.

After dinner I hit straight home.


An empty subwaystation?! The one and only! –  For now.

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