Vrsars hidden Sculpture Garden.

During my holiday trip along the croatian coast I found some interesting places. Not just abdoned ones like you have seen before.

DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture ALP IV 1974

One of them is the sculpture park close to Vrsar. At first it was like hmm, is it really ment to be, to go inside because it looks very private from the outside. The fence is high and the door is really massive, but still it is open, nobody inside.

So I just went in and found some nice place, a little stonewall to sit on during I ate my water melon. I was pretty tired at that point.

After some additional refreshments I started to look around and did some nice shots around the garden.

DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture

The main interesting point of the sculptures is the way they had been buildt. All the metal sculptures I found are mostly figured out of nails and chains, which links had been weld together.

100_2540         100_2556
left: DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture
right: DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture MS-II 1996

100_2589 100_2591 100_2593
DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – metal sculpture – CF /1985/ corten steel

100_2617     100_2615
DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture BT  /1985 / white cement – corten steel

Also the aluminium polyester sculptures seems like a bunch of piece by piece – never ending work.

100_2608      100_2609
DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture ALP -VII  /1988 / aluminium – polyester

100_2663                             DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture GT  /1973 / granite

100_2640      100_2639
DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture ALP-X  /1988 / aluminium -polyester

100_2623DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – sculpture LXX – M/I  /1970 / marble

DUŠAN DŽAMONJA  was born 1928  in Strumica, graduated 1951 on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.  1953 he started to work in his own studio.  The construction of the sculture park begun 1970.  He died in Zagreb  on 14th January 2009.

source.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du%C5%A1an_D%C5%BEamonja

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